Several health bills have been moved through the 87th Texas Legislature including those related to telemedicine, medical marijuana and abortions, but some are still awaiting a signature.

In the Senate, 361 bills have been reviewed by the Health and Human Services Committee with over 100 bills passing, according to the Capitol website. In the House, 346 bills have been reviewed by the Public Health Committee with over 110 bills passing. While these committees review most of the health-related bills, not all health-related legislation requires their approval, according to the state.

Others may pass through the other 37 House and 18 Senate committees. Additionally, not all bills considered will pass committee considerations and be scheduled on a calendar for a chamber vote.

The final day of the regular session was May 31. Any bills sent to Gov. Greg Abbott have 10 days from the date of their arrival to be signed or vetoed; otherwise, bills are automatically authorized without a signature.