Editor's note: This article has been updated to reflect the correct website for Harmony Science Academy Leander.

New charter schools have opened in Cedar Park and Leander with more slated to open over the next few years.

Now open

BASIS Cedar Park and BASIS Cedar Park Primary
  • Address: 165 N. Lakeline Blvd., Cedar Park
  • Opened: August
  • Grades served: K-5 (Basis Cedar Park Primary), opening with grades 6-9 and will add one grade each year until grade 12 (Basis Cedar Park)
  • Programs and specialties: liberal arts program with a STEM focus, two teachers for each K-3 class
  • www.nrollbasistx.com/cedarpark
Valor Leander
  • Address: temporary location at 906 Crystal Falls Parkway, Leander; eventually moving to facility near Ronald Reagan Boulevard and Hwy. 29
  • Opened: August
  • Grades served: K-8 initially, growing to K-12 in the next few years
  • Programs and specialties: classical education rooted in classical liberal arts tradition, with advanced science, math and fine arts
  • www.valoreducation.org/leander
Coming soon

Harmony Science Academy Leander
  • Address: 3250 Hero Way, Leander
  • Opening: 2024-25 school year
  • Grades served: pre-K-7
  • Programs and specialties: specializes in project-based, hands-on learning with additional emphasis on STEM and advanced college preparedness and charter education
  • www.harmonytx.org/schools/central-texas
BASIS Leander
  • Address: TBD
  • Opening: 2025-26 school year but subject to change based on development process; construction planned to begin by summer 2024
  • Grades served: will likely start with K-8 and then expand by one grade each year until K-12
  • Programs and specialities: liberal arts program with a STEM focus, two teachers for each K-3 class
  • www.basised.com/texas