Wild Poppy

Wild Poppy

Wild Poppy owner Rebecca Bonura said she has seen fewer requests for roses in the past few years. The latest trend has been lighter, delicate flowers and looser arrangements, she said. (via Photo by Kate Morris)

Despite only being two months into the year, Rebecca Bonura, a florist who owns Georgetown-based Wild Poppy, said she is already seeing shades of green trending for this year’s floral arrangements.

“[The style is] going to be really pretty green arches and green on the tables and eucalyptus—fun stuff like that,” she said.

Staying on top of ever-changing floral trends is part of the job for Bonura, who began working for Wild Poppy in 2007. She purchased the company in 2009 and operates it out of her home.

“When I first started [the arrangements were]really tight and compact,” she said. “Lately the style has been loose and a lot of poppies and the delicate flowers.”

Wild Poppy typically provides arrangements for up to 45 weddings each year, and along with her four employees she said she makes it a point to get to know each bride before starting the arrangements.

“I talk to each girl to see what they want from me,” Bonura said. “I really try to get to know them on a personal level so I know how to help them.”

In addition to weddings, Wild Poppy is also beginning to make arrangements for events including parties and baby showers.

“A lot of that comes off of the wedding because we’ve created such a relationship with the bride and groom that when they have a baby they want us to do something for that,” she said.

Bonura said she tries to keep her floral arrangements as locally sourced as possible and contributes what she can from her own garden. Most of the herbs and greenery in Wild Poppy arrangements can be traced back to her garden, especially the succulents, she said.

“We use a lot of succulents—they’re so hardy; I love them,” she said. “It always breaks my heart when the wedding is done and they get thrown away, so I just replant them. My husband is always like, ‘Wow, we have a lot of succulents everywhere.’”

In late 2015 Bonura said she plans to open a storefront. Although an opening date and location have not yet been set, Bonura said the store will be a boutique flower shop that offers terrariums and gifts.


Wild Poppy

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