Sen. Charles Schwertner Sen. Charles Schwertner • District 5[/caption]

Sen. Charles Schwertner • District 5

Recent activity:

• SB 8 passed out of the Senate by a vote of 24-7. It aims to provide businesses with tax cuts by eliminating the state franchise tax for more than
52 percent of all businesses

• SB 239 passed out of the Senate. The bill aims to offer student loan assistance for mental health professionals who agree to treat underserved patients.

Elected: 2012
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Sen. Kirk Watson • District 14Sen. Kirk Watson • District 14

Recent activity:

• SB 585 and SB 586 requires lobbyists to disclose expenditures of $50 or more per day spent on politicians and their families. The Senate passed both bills May 5.

• SB 754 funds a motorcycle safety and driver education campaign using money in the Motorcycle Education Fund. The bill passed the Senate on May 5 and was sent to the House for consideration.

Elected: 2006
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Sen. Donna Campbell

Sen. Donna Campbell • District 25

Recent activity: 

• SB 310 and SB 573 were presented to committee May 3. The bills provide local oversight of debt and bond issuance.

• SB 1639 protects property owners from annexation into a city without the consent of the area majority. It was presented to committee on April 30.

• SB 1900 was approved by committee May 3. The bill provides facility funding for charter schools.

R-New Braunfels
Elected: 2013
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At The Capitol Rep. Paul Workman • District 47[/caption]

Rep. Paul Workman • District 47

Recent activity:

• House Joint Resolution 79 was put on the House calendar May 9. It calls for a convention of the states to propose a U.S. Constitution amendment for a balanced federal budget.

• HB 40 gives Texas exclusive jurisdiction over oil and gas operations in the state. It passed the House on April 20, and the Senate on May 4, and was sent to the governor.

Elected: 2010
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At The Capitol Rep. Donna Howard • District 48[/caption]

Rep. Donna Howard • District 48

Recent activity:

• HB 2396 received a second reading on the House floor May 5. The bill addresses tuition funds that are not used for their intended purpose.

• The House passed HB 2660 on May 5. The bill addresses the attendance and funding disparity between public school students on a regular schedule and those on a flexible schedule

Elected: 2006
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Rep. Elliott Naishtat • District 49Rep. Elliott Naishtat • District 49

Recent activity: 

• HB 837, which creates a mitigating factor in a defense for patients who are recommended medicinal marijuana by a doctor,
was left pending in the Public
Health Committee.

• HB 3183, a living will directive and do-not-resuscitate order of a pregnant patient—also known as Marlise’s Law—was also left pending in a committee despite an April 15 public hearing.

• D-Austin
• Elected: 1990
• 512-463-0668
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