Max Hicks, founder of Reliant Plumbing, said he started the company in 2014 out of a single van and a residential garage as a make-do shop. Now with about 60 employees, Reliant Plumbing endeavors to serve customers in Austin and San Antonio with a culture of excellence and customer-centric service.

Hicks said Reliant Plumbing’s goal is to be available to provide repair and emergency plumbing services to people. Plumbers are available 24-hours a day, allowing them to help people when an expert is needed most.

Quality service

“Most plumbing companies aren't working on the weekends,” Hicks said. “If you have a big gathering, then you're using your plumbing a whole lot more and that tends to cause issues.”

Reliant Plumbing offers services such as:
  • drainage service,
  • water testing,
  • installing new sewer lines,
  • water treatment,
  • hot water system installation,
  • water softening equipment,
  • and emergency plumbing services.
In addition to offering emergency plumbing services, the plumbers at Reliant Plumbing are experts in the areas they serve.

Hicks grew up in Hutto and the greater Austin area, learning the needs of central Texas plumbing through new construction, and later as a member of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Union in Austin. This allowed him to advance his knowledge and contribute to large-scale commercial projects that demanded a high degree of precision. This diverse professional background is what enables him to meet the community’s needs in Austin and San Antonio.

“We do a lot of repiping of water lines," Hicks said. “A lot of Austin houses are really, really old and they just need a lot of work. We're here to provide that.”

Customer and employee satisfaction

Reliant Plumbing stands out with its commitment to quality, both internally and externally. Hicks said he focuses on creating a positive work environment, because when employees are happy, they provide a higher quality of service to customers.

“The guys are willing to just go the extra mile for a company that treats them well,” he said.

Hicks said he has created an environment where employees can ask questions without other employees looking down on them. He said he started in the plumbing business when he was 16 years old through a program at his high school. He gives young plumbers experience because he knows what it’s like to be in their position.

“We pay everybody more and we have a better work environment than all plumbing companies that I've personally worked at, and I've been in this plumbing field for 24 years now,” he said.

To ensure quality for its customers, Reliant Plumbing has field managers who frequently check on the plumbers. When customers call the company back after a repair, Reliant Plumbing is quick to fix the problem.

“Every plumbing company has callbacks,” Hicks said. “We have a lot less because we have the field managers to not only support [the plumbers], but to keep them in line as far as the quality.”

Community involvement

Community outreach is a priority for Hicks and the team at Reliant Plumbing. Hicks said Reliant Plumbing installed a new sewer line for a family in need in San Antonio.

“We lost money on that, but sometimes we can do that because we can give back and that just feels really good,” he said.

Additionally, Reliant Plumbing has worked with Texas Disposal to provide makeshift washers and dryers for members of the National Guard while they help with hurricane relief.

As Reliant Plumbing continues to grow, their commitment to quality service, community engagement, and employee satisfaction remain at the core of their success.

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To learn more about Reliant Plumbing, visit their website.

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