CI Storytelling

This product is a hybrid of sponsored content and public relations, giving our advertising partners one more way to diversify their marketing mix and elevate their brand.

Sample client list

The CI Storytelling Package

The interview:

Advertising partners are interviewed by CI's multi-platform journalist team, who will re-confirm story concepts and provide recommendations for the best audience engagement prior to writing each story.

The story:

Stories are between 500-700 words with up to two rounds of copy edits prior to publishing.

Newsletter delivery:

All stories are delivered in our email newsletter featuring a headline and hero image.

Website delivery:

Each advertising partner's stories are featured online with photo carousels, optional videos, contact info and no competing ads or content.

Public relations assets:

Our team creates two social media images for use on your platforms of choice, along with one professional memo for communication with your customers, vendors, employees and the public.


By request, CI can deliver the total weekly newsletter subscribers, dated website page views and average time on page.

Our Team

Marie Leonard
Digital Product Manager
Morgan O'Neal
Multi-Platform Journalist
Summer El Shahawy
Multi-Platform Journalist
Holly Galvan
Multi-Platform Journalist
Sierra Rozen
Multi-Platform Journalist
Jay Jones
UX designer