Cibolo Grange No. 1541 won first place at the National Grange Convention held Nov. 9-13.

According to Cibolo Grange Historian Judy Womack, the agricultural and service-based association has been a part of the area since 1941 and has helped the community through volunteer work.

“The Grange was formed in 1941, and they got their building in 1947, the same building that is there today,” Womack said. “It has been community service all those years for Cibolo, Schertz and everybody in that area.”

This is the first year the Cibolo Grange has won a contest on the national level, having won state level competitions in previous years.

At the National Grange Convention, the Cibolo Grange submitted a book detailing their records for the year as well as volunteer activities.

“The book actually documents how many hours the grange has been used and what types of activities are going on there,” Womack said. “We have the older special needs children come once a month for activities almost all day long. Then, we have veterans come here with PTSD groups, and a church group here most Sunday mornings.”

Womack said the Cibolo Grange is used almost every day by different groups hosting some form of activity.

“The Grange is like a Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce and all that mixed together,” Womack said. “That is what it was for, was to bring people in the community together, and it has been used very often.”

Activities and events at the Cibolo Grange can be found here.