The Cibolo City Hall building is around 20 years old and is due for renovations to give city staff a code-compliant working environment.

On April 11, City Council approved a bid for the replacement of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system as well as other building renovations in the amount of $1.82 million.

Timothy Fousse, the city's director of public works and capital projects, said the HVAC system will include dismantling the 15 units in the building and 13 units outside the building to put in new units.

According to Fousse, the project does not only include replacements to the HVAC system. Other renovations will include restructuring rooms within the building, adding two offices, soundproofing restrooms, moving LED lighting and other projects.

“We are not just adding an air conditioning system,” Fousse said. “We are bringing the building up to code.”

Funding for the project will be allocated from certificates of obligation that were approved in 2022.

During the project time, the City Hall building will be closed, and city staff will be temporarily relocated to other facilities.

Additional information on the project will be provided as the project nears the start date.