Along with approving the sale of Park25 to bring the Dallas Cowboys merchandising center to the city, Frisco City Council discussed items that affect businesses, residents and athletes.

Here are four highlights from Tuesday's meeting:

  1. City Council approved amending the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance to allow brewpubs within the city. A brewpub is a pub that allows the operator to brew a certain amount of beer onsite.

  2. Council also adopted the updated Public Art Master Plan. The plan, which had not been updated since 2004, sets standards for new public art and establishes policies for donations and maintenance of public art.

  3. The city of Frisco is looking to hold a bond election next May. Council appointed residents to the Citizen Bond Committee to review potential capital projects within the city that could be included on a bond package.

  4. Lastly, the council approved a specific use permit for a private badminton stadium. The stadium will be located north of All Stars Avenue between Frisco Street and John W. Elliott Drive.