Missouri City officials discuss sidewalk repair plans

Missouri City could soon start on a $2 million sidewalk repair program, although officials said fixing all of Missouri City’s broken sidewalks will cost significantly more.

At a special meeting last week, Missouri City City Council discussed the need to address the high number of broken city sidewalks, agreeing those sidewalks should be repaired in chunks, neighborhood by neighborhood.

The plan discussed calls for spending $250,000 on repair work in districts A, B and D, while spending $1.25 million on sidewalk repair in District C alone.

However, city officials estimated the cost to repair all the city’s broken sidewalks to be about $6.6 million.

Assistant City Manager Scott Elmer recommended against tackling sidewalks based on their degree of disrepair due to cost and the way broken sidewalks are classified.

“If we sent work crews around the city to address individual sidewalks your costs would go way up,” Elmer told council members. “It’s a lot more complicated if we treat them by severity.”

Elmer also told council members that federal safety requirements do not look at severity of problems, but instead operate on a pass or fail system.

“You either meet ADA requirements or you don’t,” Elmer said, referring to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Council members asked Elmer to prepare a breakdown of the cost estimates to repair sidewalks in each neighborhood before action is taken.

City staffers advised the council not to wait long to address those broken sidewalks.

“That $6.6 million is going to grow as we become older,” City Manager Anthony Snipes said.