Ask the Plano editor: Why are Legacy Central plans on hold?

It is a project that has broad support from planning and zoning officials and Plano City Council members—at least, in theory.

Daniel Houston Daniel Houston[/caption]

When it comes to specifics, however, some of those officials have been slow to jump on board.

Plano's former Texas Instruments campus, a property located southwest of US 75 and Legacy Drive comprising mostly office buildings, is the subject of a redevelopment proposal that could add apartments, restaurants and even food-truck-accessible outdoor areas along the property's eastern side.

This "Legacy Central" redevelopment plan hit a hitch, however, when the City Council agreed Feb. 13 to delay a proposed zoning vote that would accommodate the plan. Members openly questioned the developer's proposal to place an apartment building within a few hundred feet of the US 75 frontage road, which could undergo an expansion in the future. Some expressed concern about density, too.

The council plans to reconsider the plan, which could be amended, at its March 21 meeting.