Unknown Object Alex Hopes, Sid's "dad" will release a book featuring photographs of Sid traveling accompanied by a story May 2.[/caption]

One year after a local Austin dog was hit by a car, a book will be released about his adventures traveling around North America.

Alex Hopes, a photographer and “dad” to Sid, who is believed to be a lemon beagle, will host a photography exhibit May 2 and launch his new book titled “Sidventures” to share stories of his travels with Sid.

Sid already had a strong social media following before the accident with his mellow attitude and ability to pose in unique places for long periods of time while Hopes captured the moment. Hopes was planning a move to Croatia with Sid to continue their professional photography travels when Sid was hit by a car.

After much care from the veterinarians, Hopes decided six to seven weeks after the accident that Sid was well enough to hit the road, but they were no longer bound for Croatia. The duo instead spent the next eight months traveling the U.S. and Canada with very few belongings after Hopes sold everything he owned, he said.

“If anything had happened differently on that night, I don’t know where my life would be. … I feel very fortunate to have things work out the way they did and to have him with me and be in the place I am a year later,” Hopes said.

The photography exhibit will showcase scenes that Hopes captured during his travels throughout the world, while the book “Sidventures” will feature pictures of Sid in various North American locations and a child-friendly story Hopes wrote to accompany the images. The May 2 exhibit will take place at 321 West Ben White Blvd., Ste. 106A, from 6 to 9 p.m. The book will be on sale for a discounted price during the exhibit and prints of Hopes's photography will also be for sale.

Sid’s popularity has grown in recent months with reposts of his videos and articles about him from Buzzfeed, Mashable and other media outlets, Hopes said. Most recently, Sid was featured in a video where he held in his mouth a large slice of pizza from Homeslice along South Congress Avenue.

However, Sid does not eat the various meals that accompany him in various photos and videos, Hopes said. Sid is trained to know the difference between human food and dog food and will not eat the human food that he sometimes poses with, he said.