P&Z approves zoning for mid-rise residential on section of Haggard Farm West

The Plano Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously voted to rezone 10.7 acres of land at the southwest corner of Spring Creek Parkway and Parkwood Boulevard to planned development regional commercial zoning at its Oct. 20 meeting.

The decision allows the developer of the Haggard Farm West addition, Visions 5, to build mid-rise residential units on the parcel of land on which the developer is ultimately proposing a 300-acre mixed-use project with office, commercial and residential space.

Steve Lavine represented a group of West Plano citizens who live in nearby neighborhoods of the proposed development at the meeting. The group has appeared at previous meetings on the subject and voiced its opposition to a high concentration of multifamily residential units at the Haggard Farm West location.

To continue this effort, Lavine requested on behalf of the group for P&Z to limit the developer on the amount of units allowed on the 10.7-acre tract of land.

"I believe any development that allows 400 units [on this piece of land] would be a bit of a violation of the message from those residents in West Plano," he said.

The discussed parcel of land in the meeting referred to three potential buildings on two lots. The first lot is planned to comprise a 20-story tower with 107 units, and the second lot would have two buildings, one being 12 stories and the other seven stories tall. If designs are comparable, the developer plans for up to 250 units throughout all three buildings.

While the commission approved the zoning change, Director of Planning Christina Day said in the case the developer desired to add height or the amount of units to the two buildings on Lot 2, it would have to return to P&Z for approval.