Onion Creek neighborhood residents pleaded May 15 for City Council to buy out more than 300 at-risk homes in the area's flood plains.

An Oct. 31 flood in the South Austin neighborhood killed four people. Residents living in the flood's wake asked for city officials to advance efforts rather than wait on federal support.

"When are we going to be making a decision?" Onion Creek resident Rosa Villegas asked council. "The money people have is not enough, and it's not a lot, and it's mostly insurance money that people are using to stay afloat."

City Council approved a resolution that asks city staff to come back with possible cost scenarios for buying out the remaining homes in the 100-year Onion Creek flood plain and the 25-year Williamson Creek flood plain. Council will hear staff proposals by Aug. 15.

The resolution also creates a stakeholder process to help answer questions residents may have about the buyout process. Councilman Mike Martinez said he will support any budgetary consideration that comes back to council.

"We don't just have folks that are living in harm's way. We have folks living in deplorable conditions and facing health effects that wouldn't otherwise be there if they didn't have to face those conditions," he said.

The city has already purchased more than 100 homes in the 25-year Williamson Creek flood plain.