COLLEYVILLE After several months of planning and anticipation, the city of Colleyville hosted the first workshop for the update of its comprehensive plan April 22 that used public involvement to help city officials begin to shape the future of the city.

Dozens of round tables topped with city maps, markers and electronic clickers filled the Colleyville Center meeting room, and people filled nearly every table.

Standing boards lined the back half of the room and were intended to encourage citizens to post notes with feedback regarding what they would like to see addressed in their respective neighborhoods.

As per the citizens' handwritten notes and polling throughout the evening, the workshop came to the consensus that Colleyville residents in attendance like the "country look" of the town and its quiet neighborhoods, and want to see more destination shopping and dining outlets.

After the presentation the workshop utilized the electronic clickers for polling of the group, asking questions about views on various avenues of development within the city, especially along Colleyville Boulevard.