Facility offers multiple health and wellness services

From Pilates and acupuncture to massage and yoga, Mindful Body Center is a multifaceted health and wellness facility housed in a quiet neighborhood.

And as the business grows, co-owner Kristina Deasey said she is continually educating the surrounding area about its existence.

"People come in here from the neighborhood and say they didn't know we are here," she said. "But once they know, they're happy we're here since they have a place they can go and choose from a bunch of different services."

Mindful Body Center offers 14 different health-oriented services. In addition to Pilates and yoga, the center offers lesser-known services such as holographic sound healing.

Kate Wodash Catlow established Mindful Body Center in 2009, and Deasey and her boyfriend, Mark Sebesta, bought the majority ownership stake of the business in 2012.

Deasey said she and Sebesta have been focused on growing the business since taking over majority ownership.

Instead of hiring employees, Mindful Body Center rents space by the hour to independent contractors who specialize in different services. Deasey said the arrangement is good for the owners because they do not have to worry about hiring and maintaining employees.

Meanwhile, the specialists get the chance to grow their business and be their own bosses, Deasey said.

"It's more of an entrepreneurial setup," she said. "They have the opportunity to make more money."

Massage therapist Kim Masoni said she enjoys how being an independent contractor gives her a chance to run her own business. Masoni moved to Austin from Santa Fe six months ago and said her client base ranges from neighborhood residents to people she meets throughout town.

Masoni is one of 14 active independent contractors at Mindful Body Center.

"There is a really fun, positive environment [at Mindful Body Center] that I enjoy," Masoni said.

The independent contractors at Mindful Body Center often refer clients to each other, Masoni said. A strength of the center comes from its variety of services, Deasey said.

"All of the modalities [offered at Mindful Body Center] are so different but complement each other," she said. "Because we offer so many different services, we appeal to a broad range of people from the neighborhood."

Most services at Mindful Body Center are by appointment only, though yoga and Pilates matt classes are open to the public and held throughout the week.

The facility

Mindful Body Center is in a converted duplex with separate rooms for Pilates, massage and yoga.

The duplex used to be owned by a yoga teacher who lived in half of the duplex and taught in the other half, co-owner Kristina Deasey said.

Deasey said clients find the facility's quiet, relaxing energy appealing.

"About 99 percent of the people who walk in the front door take a deep breath and sigh," Deasey said. "It feels homey to them, which is something we love."

Kim Masoni, a massage therapist who holds sessions at Mindful Body Center, said the atmosphere is one of the center's strengths.

"There is a level of professionalism, but it is definitely laid-back and relaxed," she said.


Mindful Body Center has six independent contractors who hold Pilates lessons.

Pilates is an exercise program that focuses on core muscles. Pilates improves strength and flexibility while creating a sense of balance in the body, Mindful Body Center co-owner Kristina Deasey said.

Mindful Body Center has multiple Pilates machines that help clients use the proper muscles.

"[Pilates] can be taxing on your body, but not in the way aerobics or CrossFit can be," Deasey said. "It's great for rehab or to learn to be in your body."

Other services offered at Mindful Body Center

Mindful Body Center offers 14 health and wellness services. In addition to Pilates, the services include:

Massage: Six massage therapists practice a variety of massage styles at the center.

Mashing: A practitioner walks on a client to compress the client's muscles. Mashing is good for blood flow and stretching muscles, according to the Mindful Body Center.

Ki-Hara resistance stretching: A technique in which muscles are stretched and strengthened.

Foot reflexology: A practitioner applies pressure to a client's feet to stimulate the flow of energy to the body.

Reiki: A specific form of energy healing in which a practitioner's hands are placed just off a client's body or lightly touching the body.

Holographic sound healing: A practitioner uses the tonal sounds of their voice combined with the tones from crystal bowls in an effort to promote healing on a variety of levels.

Mindful Body Center, 1708 Houston St., 512-628-0606, www.mindfulbodycenter.com