ER Near Me now offering emergency medical services in Richardson

ER Near Me opened July 12 at 15767 Coit Road, Dallas. The facility offers concierge emergency medical assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Walk-ins can expect less than a five-minute wait. On-site physicians at the full-service facility can address a range of illnesses and medical emergencies, such as infections, pneumonia, broken bones and head injuries. 469-917-4000.

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  1. Just what we want. Another private equity owned ER
    Intent on defrauding people who need urgent care. I hope everyone knows to go to the prima care across the street or to go to a real hospital for an emergency.

  2. People should know that this is “NOT” like a hospital ER, and may not be considered one by their insurance company. The result is that the bill (s) that you receive might not be covered by your insurance, or considered out of network. This means that the customer might have a bill of hundreds or thousands of dollars sprung on them.

    Don’t be fooled people.

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