Fortney Home to move to Nacogdoches in December

After 22 years in Austin, Fortney Home will be moving east to Nacogdoches. The last day of operations in Austin will be Dec. 31.

Known for its unique vibe as well as the gorilla and giraffe figurines greeting customers at 1116 W. Sixth St., Brad Fortney’s store has offered customers eclectic and antique goods from wind chimes to steer skulls.

Fortney ran a record store in the Nacogdoches in the 1970s before moving to Austin in 1996. Fortney said he had been thinking of going back east for a while, and the end of tenant lease at the property gave him a chance to make the move.

“I have the option to get back to where I’m from. It’s been a great run here,” Fortney said.


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