UPDATE: Downtown Austin European kitchen and bar Prelog’s still searching for a new location, working to expand meal delivery service

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Updated March 22: Romana Pieber-Prelog and co-owner Florian Prelog have yet to find a new location for their downtown Austin restaurant, citing high rent prices and a profusion of competition.

"When it comes to our next restaurant, we want to make sure we get the right spot for us and for our customers," Romana said in an email.

Prelog's, located at 360 Nueces St., closed in August.

Meanwhile, the Prelogs are in their eighth month operating their new business venture Full Fridge, which has grown its client list steadily since launching.

With a meal delivery concept similar to Plated or Blue Apron, Full Fridge buys your groceries and makes your meals for you, delivering them to your doorstep each week. New menus are posted on the website every Sunday, and meals are cooked and delivered on the same day.

In the next few months, Full Fridge looks to expand its employee force, increase marketing efforts, improve technology and start operating in San Antonio by early 2018, Romana said.

Posted Oct. 26: European kitchen and bar Prelog’s closed its location at 360 Nueces St., Ste. 10, Austin, on Aug. 29 and is looking to relocate. Chef and owner Flo Prelog will continue to offer private dining, catering and in-home cooking classes. 512-350-2895. http://prelogs.com