After being listed as available for lease, the space that houses DaVinci Artists Gallery is under contract, and the gallery will close June 11, artist Hilda Rueda said via email.

“The closing of DaVinci Artists Gallery, which has been providing Tomball and surrounding communities with original fine art, art education and a venue for schools to showcase their students’ art, is not only a tragedy for us, individual artists, but also for the community at large,” Rueda said. “We all lose when art is displaced, when creativity is not valued and promoted in schools and communities.”

DaVinci Artists Gallery is an artist-run cooperative with artists paying monthly membership dues and helping to run the gallery, according to the gallery’s website. Free to the public, DaVinci Artists Gallery also holds events and works with students, Community Impact previously reported.

“The gallery was a cultural venue, a source of inspiration and creativity for new generations,” said Rueda, who joined the gallery in 2013. “Our revenue has never been high, but we provide a balance that is necessary for a healthy community. We are all losing when we close our doors.”

DaVinci Artists Gallery has been exploring its options as the rent on its space is set to be increased, according to previous reporting.

The gallery, located in Tomball’s Main Street, will hold two final exhibitions May 13 and June 10.

“Our hope for these two events is that our patrons, friends and art supporters attend them and lets us know how important it is for them to have a functioning art gallery in the city,” Rueda said.

As for what will take the place of the gallery, Rueda said while she doesn’t know what business it is, it’s not fine art.

“We are very grateful with the space owners who have for a long time supported us, keeping the rent low enough for the gallery to be feasible,” Rueda said. “We understand their need to rent it at true market value.”

Rueda also said DaVinci Artists Gallery is continuing to look for a new space.

“We certainly hope to find a new space that is convenient, affordable and ready for us to move as a group, hopefully before June 11th,” Rueda said. “We have talked to city planning and Realtors, but so far we haven’t found a new location.”