DaVinci Artists Gallery, located in downtown Tomball, is exploring its options as the space it occupies is listed as available for lease on LoopNet, a commercial real estate listing service.

“We’re told that we will be given [the] first offer,” artist Reva Power said in an April 12 interview. “If they get an offer, they’ll come to us to see if we can match or exceed.”

DaVinci Artists Gallery is an artist-run cooperative with artists paying monthly membership dues and helping to run the gallery, according to the gallery’s website. Free to the public, DaVinci Artists Gallery also holds events and works with students, Power said.

“Art not only helps us emotionally; it helps us intellectually; it brings peace,” Power said. “It’s one of the reasons for being a community in a society—[to] enjoy the beauty of art.”

Power, who’s been with the gallery since 2013, said the rent was increased for the gallery’s space.

“We are searching for ways to increase our intake so that we will be able to absorb the increase and make an offer,” Power said.

Power also said she has heard other Tomball businesses have seen rate increases.

“So I don’t feel that we’re out of keeping with what’s going on,” Power said. “Now whether we’re going to be able to resolve the issue or not, we don’t know.”

Power said the gallery is looking at all options, including searching for a new space.

“We’ve looked for other venues in the area to see—if we can’t pull it off here, will we be able to find something else?” Power said. “There’s a group of people that have been searching, and as [of] yet, nothing has surfaced.”

Artist Hilda Rueda said the gallery sees families with children come in all the time.

“That’s what the community needs—a space where kids feel safe and enjoy art and start being conscious about the importance of expressing themselves in a free manner,” Rueda said. “It’s a way to make them see the importance of being creative.”

Power said no matter what may happen to the gallery’s space, she hopes DaVinci Artists Gallery will live on in some form.

“We hope so,” Power said. “It may be that we have to take a break. ... We may have to be in a temporary place, but we hope to continue.”