Construction on the $7.42 million Robinson Road realignment project is underway in the city of Oak Ridge North following a groundbreaking ceremony on Feb. 29.

What you need to know

The realignment and expansion of Robinson Road across Hanna Road in Oak Ridge North officially kicked off construction after numerous delays due to weather and preliminary work needs.

The construction contract was awarded to Ballast Point Construction on Oct. 9, providing for several provisions along the road, including:
  • Concrete paving
  • Widened roadway
  • Realignment of roadway across Hanna Road
Construction is expected to take roughly 18 months to complete, according to prior reporting, not accounting for any weather delays encountered in the process. The city is funding the project through certificates of obligation.

Quote of note

“This is another milestone in the city of Oak Ridge North, Texas,” Oak Ridge North Mayor Paul Bond said. “This road has been a long time coming. A lot of people have worked on this project, put a lot of time and effort into it years before I even came along. ... This is just the beginning.”