The Robinson Road realignment project is facing a three-month setback following an issue involving incoordination and delay from Entergy Texas on relocating its utility assets.

During the Oak Ridge North City Council meeting on Feb. 27, the council heard from RPS Engineering regarding the delay of the project after Entergy did not submit plans for relocation of its assets along Robinson Road until mid-February.

“We estimated [in June 2022] that Entergy would have their plans finalized within the next three months. And that would have put us in September, but we actually just received final plans and estimates from this February.” RPS Senior Project Manager Don Nash said. “That doesn't give enough time for Comcast and any potential other utilities they might be on their pole to relocate within that time.”

Mayor Paul Bond wanted to make clear the delay on the project was not on the engineering side, but on Entergy’s delay in submitting design plans and beginning work on moving power poles and utility lines.

According to Public Works Director James Corn, the delay in the power poles being moved will delay the forward movement of the Robinson Road construction by up to three months.

RPS officials stated the additional time frame would cost an extra $21,300 to the city, but it would be offset by a $22,050 credit the city had for a clearing contract, which had a substantial number of trees missed, according to Corn.

Many council members expressed frustration at the delays and concerns for future delays due to utility relocations.

“We’ve been waiting on this for 10 years, and ... I am just very adamant about three more months,” Council Woman Frances Planchard said. “It’s ridiculous that we’ve been having to wait this long.”

Council Member Rick Moffatt asked the engineering company and the city to work together to push Entergy and other utility companies to stay on schedule. However, Nash expressed the delays with the utility movement was unfortunately not uncommon.

“We have some similar situations with the Rayford Road project where utilities weren’t staying true to their schedules,” Nash said.

According to Corn and Nash, AT&T is the one utility company that has completed its utility relocation.