CEO Chris Florczak brought Rise Souffle to The Woodlands last June to offer consumers an opportunity to experience a French cuisine staple with the restaurant's variety of souffles.

“From the moment you open the 200-year-old door, you'll step out of The Woodlands and into France, and you're transported to a dining experience where life is going to slow down,” Florczak said. “You're going to be served as if you're a guest in the house.”

The backstory

Rise Souffle was inspired by founders Hedda Dowd and Cherif Brahmi, who had the idea to bring their French roots to Dallas in 2008. From there, the French-inspired restaurant expanded to Fort Worth, The Woodlands and Plano.

Florczak earned a degree in restaurant management and was hired by Hillstone Restaurant Group while he was still in college. He said his extensive background in culinary and restaurant management led him to want to partake in Rise Souffle’s mission and to bring French cuisine to The Woodlands.

“It was an opportunity to go be a part of something totally different, very unique, experiential,” Florczak said.

What's on the menu?

Rise Souffle offers a variety of savory and sweet souffle options, including the jambon and gruyere savory souffle made with high-quality ham and gruyere cheese.

“It just nourishes not only your stomach, but it also nourishes your soul, if you will," Florczak said. "There's a warm, comforting kind of feeling the souffle provides."

Other souffle options include the creamed spinach, smoked salmon and truffle-infused mushroom souffles. Sweet souffle options include raspberry, chocolate, Grand Marnier, bread pudding, praline pecan and apricot.

Florczak said a must-try item at the restaurant is the marshmallow soup—a roasted tomato and carrot bisque topped with small individual goat cheese souffle puffs and homemade pesto.

In a nutshell

Some unique features Rise Souffle offers include its “thought for the day" cards and iron frogs found at the restaurant. The “thought for the day” cards contain inspirational quotes and are given to every guest who visits the restaurant.

Rise Souffle incorporates frogs, a French symbol, by hiding iron frogs in the restaurant for kids to find. Any child who finds a frog can return it during their next visit in exchange for a complimentary sweet souffle.

Other than French cuisine, Rise Souffle offers a French-style restaurant decorated with antiques that are sold in its front shop.

Items sold at the restaurant include its antique silverware, torchon towels or French kitchen towels, and essential oil and lavender hand soap developed by Rise Souffle.Editor's note: The spelling of founder Hedda Dowd's name has been corrected.