Oak Ridge North City Council approved a $755,078 contract with Quiddity Engineering on July 24 to provide construction management services as a project to align Robinson Road at Hanna Road prepares to go into the construction phase.

What’s happening

After working with RPS Infrastructure to provide design and initial utility relocation services for the Robinson Road realignment project, the city voted to move forward with construction management services through Quiddity Engineering.

The approved contract will allow Quiddity to begin overseeing the bidding, inspection and oversight process for the alignment project over the next year and a half, city officials said.

What they’re saying

“This will get us through when RPS ends and run it through the extent of the project for onsite inspections, contract management, submittal management, everything we'll need for that project to make sure it's done right,” said James Corn, director of public works for Oak Ridge North.

“[Quiddity is] basically being the facilitator and communicator between the contractor and the city while also providing construction management staff and inspection to ensure that the contractor is building it per those plans, per the specifications. Ensuring utilities are coordinated, that we're not putting people without water, that they're not cutting sewer lines and things are just being built the way they're supposed to,” said Jeffery Bishop, client services manager with Quiddity Engineering, during the meeting.

What's next

The Robinson Road realignment is projected to begin construction this fall, connecting the east and west sides of the road at Hanna Road. The $8 million project is expected to take a little over 18 months.