Oak Ridge North City Council unanimously approved changes that will increase the cost and lengthen the time frame for a Robinson Road project.

The changes in the project come after a decision to complete storm drainage construction for the city's planned Plaza District while simultaneously working on storm drainage for Robinson, officials said.

The project will push the Robinson project’s completion date to 2024 and cost an additional $208,570. The additional cost will go toward updated engineering costs as well as additional drainage to cover the entire Plaza District.

Heather Neeley, the Oak Ridge North city manager, said the project will ultimately save time and money.

“[The project] is going to add a substantial cost, but it also keeps us from digging up the road multiple times to add additional drainage,” Neeley said.

The project is now expected to go to bid in January 2023. The Robinson project will take about 18 months to build after the bid, putting the completion date around May 2024.

The Robinson realignment and update is Oak Ridge North’s first step to complete in order to build the upcoming Plaza District, a commercial zone that will be located north and south of the road.

Editor's note: The story was updated to indicate the projected completion date is May 2024.