The Oak Ridge North City Council postponed concepts for a dog park within Marilyn Edgar Park due to costs and concerns over the area not being big enough for the project.

Director of Economic Development Jordan Buras presented the Oak Ridge Economic Development Corp.'s recommendation during the March 27 City Council meeting regarding the construction of a dog park. According to Buras, based on the size of Marilyn Edgar Park, the fencing for a dog park area would cost approximately $15,000. On top of fencing, the EDC agreed on a bench for the area and a pet waste basket that would be sponsored by a local business to supply the “bare minimum” requirements for a dog park.

The council and other officials disagreed with spending money on fencing for a park, which they said would not provide more services and space.

“I would think if you just put a fence and bench out there that people who actually want the dog park aren't going to be happy with the dog park,” City Manager Heather Neeley said.

Council Member Alex Jones, who also serves on the EDC, said he felt the project should be held off if there was no immediate demand for the park.

“Ultimately, we would much rather reserve the rest of that money and put it in the bank and wait for a Marilyn Edgar Park renovation where we might be able to better utilize space elsewhere in the park area,” Jones said.

The scope of the plan would not have provided divided spaces for large and small dogs nor any shaded areas for pets or people.

“I can't see spending $15,000, you know, to just throw up a fence and say, ‘Here it is.’ I'm not sure that that's what any of us are looking for,” Mayor Paul Bond said.

The council March 27 also received the final bill from Entergy for moving utility lines for a project to realign Robinson Road across Hanna Road. After allowing for several thousand of dollars in discounts for work and delays, the final bill came in at $240,737 to complete the movement of utility lines underground. The council initially approved $300,000 for the project.