After serving The Woodlands community for 27 years as an optometrist, Dr. J. Britt Wright opened his own family eye care practice April 3. He said he chose to remain in The Woodlands due to his large patient base and experience in the community.

Wright said he hopes to offer The Woodlands community a family eye care provider that ensures honest, professional eye care and a friendly environment.

“I'm not here just to sell you glasses, I'm here to take care of the eyes,” Wright said.

The full story

Wright said he was first inspired to study optometry as a junior in high school when he had his eye poked during a basketball game. After suffering a corneal abrasion, Wright received eye care from his good friend's father who was an optometrist.

Once his interest was sparked, he decided to shadow his friend's father during the summer to get an insight into the industry.

When entering college, Wright did not hesitate to choose his career path. With his mind set on optometry he studied four years as a biology undergraduate student at West Texas A&M University and earned his Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Houston College of Optometry after an additional four years of school.

"I started from day one of college and didn't ever change my major," Wright said.

Having worked with Dr. Stephen G. Slade, a world-renowned specialist in LASIK, presbyopia correction and cataract surgery, for 27 years, Wright said he decided to open his own practice with Slade as the surgical director.

The specifics

Today Wright Eye Care Center provides a full range of services in family primary eye care. Services include routine eye exams, medical eyecare, surgical eye care, contact lenses and fittings and optical services.

Wright said it is common for people to take the health of their vision for granted, and he emphasized the importance of routine exams especially for those with a family history of eye disease. He also said routine eye exams are essential because eye diseases such as glaucoma may be silent and have no symptoms.

Wright Eye Care Center tests and treats cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease and dry eye management. The family optometry is a provider for most major insurances and vision plans.

Wright said most people fail to realize Wright Eye Care Center accepts medical insurance for eye medical issues such as eye infections. Wright Eye Care Center also offers same-day appointments for eye emergencies. Wright Eye Care Center’s insurance plan providers can be found on their website along with other online services, including a self patient portal, contact orders and bill payments.

When Wright isn’t practicing optometry, he enjoys being active in the community through sports. As a former college basketball player, he remains involved in sports through coaching youth sports, including the South County Football League and Alodia Basketball.Editor's note: The number of years Dr. Wright has practiced has been updated.