Anonymous Artisan Bites & Coffee Bar owners to relocate restaurant


Patricia and Tasos Pantazopoulos, owners of Anonymous Artisan Bites & Coffee Bar, announced Nov. 26 they will be closing and relocating their restaurant because they need more space.

The couple is looking into two spaces, but they have not made a decision yet on where the new cafe will be located.

Although the original location at 9920 Hwy. 90, Sugar Land, closed when the owners made the announcement about the relocation, Patricia and Tasos said they will make a decision regarding the new location in the next few weeks.

The menu—consisting of gourmet Italian coffee and Greek food—and concept will stay the same, and additional food items will be added, such as European-style desserts and pastries as well as beer and wine, the owners said.

Here is the official announcement from Patricia from Anonymous’ Facebook page:

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  1. Anonymous Café Owner, Patricia Vasos Pantazopoulos and husband Taso fled Vasos BBQ after being evicted for a failed plot to try to take over Vasos BBQ. This women is a fraud. She is living at home and off of other people’s money. She tried to expand her coffee shop by taking over her brother’s restraunt. EVIL– American Greek Greed!

    • Yes you are correct on this! She is a fraud and was evicted! She only cares about herself and not her family!

    • Well, the truth is in legal action, not slander. This is not the right venue for that kind of statements. If this continues I will report this to the Next Door Neighbor App. Get a grip!

  2. You aren’t fooling anyone with your fake names and failed attempts to slander them. Real news articles don’t read like that and Facebook pages with 1 friend and no history making comments are pretty pedestrian. Good luck with your new endeavors. You’re going to need it.

    They have many friends and many who know the truth. You may want to consider that going forward.

    • Nasty, Nasty, Nasty! Get a grip… You sound like you need help. Get it! Thew proof is in the pudding. If this is a legal matter, psue it. Don’t put your trah out on this app. I know her.

  3. So sad. I know Vasos was in SL as long as I can remember. I think the dude tried to help his sister. Sounds like someone got evicted. Drove by the other day to have BBQ. The Cafe obviously has been stripped down. Not hard to guess who did that.

Beth Marshall
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