Brazoria County reported over 200 recoveries a day in the county Aug. 22, 24 and 25. Previously, the most recoveries reported in one day had been 157, reported July 25.

The change comes after the county adopted new guidelines for reporting recoveries Aug. 21. The new recovery standards, which state individuals be at least 10 days past the start of symptoms, fever free for the past 24 hours, and 28 days past the collection of the first positive lab result, are based off of guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the county stated in a press release.

Between Aug. 21 and 27, more active cases were reported toward the end of the week, although still not as many cases were reported this week as were reported during the county’s surge of cases in July.

Here are the new confirmed cases, recoveries and deaths for the county Aug. 21-27.

  • Aug. 21: 71 new confirmed cases, 241 recoveries

  • Aug. 22: 85 new confirmed cases, 247 recoveries

  • Aug. 23: 58 new confirmed cases

  • Aug. 24: 63 new confirmed cases, 234 recoveries

  • Aug. 25: 98 new confirmed cases, 209 recoveries

  • Aug. 26: 101 new confirmed cases, 28 recoveries

  • Aug. 27: 126 new confirmed cases, 241 recoveries, one death