Katy ISD officially announced Aug. 8 it will institute several new safety and security measures at the start of the upcoming 2018-19 school year including a clear bag regulation, visitor ID requirements and main entrance unlock times.

“These enhancements are in addition to Katy ISD’s existing multi-layered safety and security measures already in place across the district,” the district stated in an Aug. 8 release to parents and staff. “By working together, we can help create safer and more secure learning environments throughout our schools and community.”

Trustees already approved one of the new policies which requires all secondary students to wear ID badges at all times at a June 25 board meeting. Secondary level students who do not abide by the policy will be in violation of the student code of conduct and subject to disciplinary action.

Elementary level students will be instructed to wear ID badges during lunch and library times, while fourth and fifth grade students will be asked to wear badges throughout the day when practical, according to a release from the district.

The district’s new parent and visitor ID policy requires all parents and visitors to present a valid, current, government issued picture ID outside main entrances of KISD campuses to be admitted into a school building.

“Each campus is equipped with a controlled access system that includes a camera and an intercom that parents and visitors will need to utilize when presenting their ID for entrance,” the district stated in the release. “To gain further access beyond the campus front lobby, individuals will again be required to present their ID to the front desk receptionist in order to be officially logged into the visitor tracking system.”

Controlled access systems will unlock main entrance doors at a set time each morning, and students who are dropped off before the doors are open will not be able to enter a school, according to the release. However, students with an official school activity or other exception may be granted access into a school building.

The standard door unlock times for main entrance doors are:

  • Elementary Group 1                                       7:35 a.m.

  • Elementary Group 2                                       7:55 a.m.

  • Junior High                                                     8:10 a.m.

  • High School                                                    6:45 a.m.

The district is also instituting a new clear bag policy that will limit the size and kind of bags allowed in to venues during athletic events, performances and graduations. The policy requires that only clear bags are allowed into athletic events at Rhodes Stadium, Legacy Stadium, Leonard Merrell Center and the Agricultural Sciences Center.

According to a release the district, the following types of bags are permissible:

  • Clear, plastic, vinyl or PVC bags

  • Clear, plastic, one-gallon, re-sealable, Ziploc-style bags

  • Clutch bags approximately the size of a hand (4 ½” X 6 ½”)

  • Medically necessary items

The flier states those with medical equipment can enter any main facility entrance to have bags screened before admittance. Parents and students requesting more information are encouraged to contact the KISD Police Department at 281-237-4000.

KISD’s first day of school is Wed., Aug. 15.