Update: 9:15 a.m. April 14

The Harris County Public Health Department released new data for coronavirus cases by ZIP code for April 13.

Katy-area ZIP codes in Harris County now range from 154-280 cases, but April 13 data shows a total of six ZIP codes with 61-100 cases:

  • 77449 in the Katy area

  • 77084 in the Katy area

  • 77088 in the Spring and Klein area

  • 77443 in the Cypress-Fairbanks area

  • 77090 in the Spring and Klein area

  • 77015 near Jacinto City

As for why the two Katy-area ZIP codes were among the areas with the highest case counts, the public health department said the coronavirus testing site at Katy ISD's Legacy Stadium provides easy access for testing. The department also stated that demographics play a part: To get tested, patients must meet criteria such as being over the age of 59 or having an underlying health condition such as diabetes, lung disease or heart disease.

The public health department stressed that the ZIP code map is only a snapshot in time and cases numbers will change as more people are tested. Approximately 1,000 tests are administered per day within Harris County and the city of Houston since the fourth testing location opened April 1.

The county opened one mobile testing site April 14, and another will open April 20. Additionally, testing for those without any symptoms is becoming more widely available, with the city of Houston now allowing asymptomatic patient testing at its two sites, but advance permission is still needed by calling the city's COVID-19 hotline at 832-393-4220.

Update: 12:04 p.m. April 13

On April 12, officials with the Harris County Public Health Department released April 11 data for coronavirus cases by ZIP code.

The three areas with the most confirmed coronavirus cases—all reporting between 61-95 cases—can be found in the western and northwestern parts of Harris County, including two Katy-area ZIP codes.

ZIP code 77449 is in the Katy area, located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Grand Parkway and I-10. ZIP code 77084 is also in the Katy area, located near Hwy. 6.

The other ZIP code with 61-95 cases in Harris County is 77088. The county only released case ranges by ZIP code. Community Impact Newspaper has reached out for the exact numbers, but a representative did not immediately respond.

Here are the case-number ranges for Katy-area ZIP codes in Harris County per the April 11 data.

  • 77449: 61-95 cases

  • 77084: 61-95 cases

  • 77493: 21-40 cases

  • 77450: 11-20 cases

  • 77094: 0-10 cases

  • 77494: 0-10 cases

  • Total: 154-270 cases