Mayor pro tem appointment delayed; zoning, city ordinances amended: 3 things to know from Katy City Council Aug. 12 meeting


Katy City Council passed a motion to once again delay the appointment of mayor pro tem until September at its Aug. 12 meeting.

The motion carried after Council Member Chris Harris, who has been nominated to be mayor pro tem by Mayor Bill Hastings at every city council meeting since July 8, moved to delay the appointment until September. Council Member Durran Dowdle continues to hold the title.

“I think the compromise is a good thing,” Council Member Janet Corte said. “Chris accepting it showed a willingness to bring the council together, and I hope that in turn it will bring the city together. We have been really divided. … I am very proud of Chris for accepting that compromise. It must have been hard for him.”

The council will vote on the appointment for mayor pro tem and the city’s budget at the Sept. 23 meeting.

Amending “Old Katy District” zoning

Council also passed an amendment to the city’s zoning ordinance at its Aug. 12 meeting.

Corte said the amendment will not force existing property owners to upgrade their property unless they increase their building’s value by 51% or increase the size of the building by 40 percent.

“The new zoning code is going to protect what is already there, and keep the old town charm that used to be there,” she said.

Penalty for releasing information

Additionally, Council approved amending the city of Katy Code of Ordinances to penalize the release of information from executive sessions for a fine of $500, among other disciplinary actions.

The previous monetary penalty was the dollar amount equal to one mayoral or council member pay, whichever is applicable.

Harris also modified the ordinance to clarify the city administrator, a position held by Byron Hebert, is exempt from being penalized because the administrator is tasked with going beyond the council chambers and executive sessions to realize city projects.

The next Katy City Council meeting will be held August 26 at Katy City Hall, 901 Avenue C, Katy.

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