The Memorial Heights Redevelopment Authority received an $850,000 grant to improve sidewalks to create safer connections and access for residents in the Memorial Heights area.

In a nutshell

In a recent sidewalk evaluation, the MHRA found almost 25% of sidewalks in and adjacent to the district's boundaries were in poor or nonexistent condition, and over 40% of sidewalks did not meet standards for width. The authority covers areas along Shepherd and Durham drives north of I-10, parts of the Buffalo Bayou and White Oak Bayou recreation areas, and some areas south of I-10 along Heights Boulevard and Yale Street.

According to a June 25 news release, the grant will provide funding to improve sections of sidewalks that are missing, in poor condition or undersized.

The work will entail:Project funding

The funding was awarded through U.S. Rep. Lizzie Fletcher's office as part of a community project funding request for fiscal year 2023-24. The funds will be allocated to the construction contractor associated with the project.

According to the release, the design, survey, environmental and grant management work will be funded locally by the MHRA.

Notable quote

MHRA board Chair Ann Lents said the proposed work will increase connectivity and access for all users to transit stops, schools and major activity centers.

"We are very grateful for the congresswoman’s efforts in delivering these funds," she said. "The initiative to provide safe and continuous sidewalk access in the area will improve quality of life in the community, and have mobility, health and economic benefits.”

Next steps

Design and construction on the project will begin after the city of Houston authorizes the use of grant funds.