VOTE: Your guide to May 5 elections in Cy-Fair


Voters in the Cy-Fair area can cast a ballot May 5 in local elections. Here are the important dates to know:

First day of early voting: April 23
Last day to apply for ballot by mail: April 24
Last day of early voting: May 1
Election day: May 5

** voters can choose up to three candidates in the ESD No. 9 election

Cy-Fair area elections

City of Jersey Village
Jersey Village City Council Place 1
Andrew Mitcham*

Jersey Village City Council Place 4
Simon Hughes
James Singleton

Jersey Village City Council Place 5
Gary Wubbenhorst*

Harris County Emergency Services District No. 9**
Board of commissioners
Scott DeBoer*
Mike West
Tommy Balez
Martin Martinez
Eric D. Zapata
Jessica Rivas
Betty Avery*

Polling locations

Jersey Village City Council
Jersey Village voters can cast a ballot at Jersey Village City Hall, 16327 Lakeview Drive, Jersey Village.

Harris County ESD No. 9
Voters in the Harris County ESD No. 9 race must go to a specific polling location based on their precincts. Go to to search polling locations based on address.

Voter ID required

Texas voters are required to present one of seven specific forms of photo identification before they may cast their ballots. Voters must present one of the following forms of ID to vote:

  • Texas driver’s license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS
  • Texas personal ID card issued by DPS
  • Texas concealed handgun license issued by DPS
  • U.S. military ID card containing the cardholder’s photograph
  • U.S. citizenship certificate containing the cardholder’s photograph
  • U.S. passport

With the exception of the U.S. citizenship certificate, the ID must be current or have expired no more than four years before being presented at the polling place. Voters can apply for an Election Identification Certificate at no cost at any driver’s license office. Details on how to apply for an EIC are available on the DPS website,

Voters who cannot obtain one of the seven acceptable forms of photo ID due to a reasonable impediment may present a supporting form of identification and execute a Reasonable Impediment Declaration, noting the voter’s reasonable impediment to obtaining an acceptable form of photo identification and stating the voter is the same person on the presented supporting form of identification.

  • Supporting forms of ID that can be presented for voters with a reasonable impediment are:
  • Valid voter registration certificate
  • Original certified birth certificate
  • Copy of or original current utility bill
  • Copy of or original bank statement
  • Copy of or original government check
  • Copy of or original paycheck
  • Copy of or original government document with voter’s name and an address (original required if it contains a photograph)

For additional information regarding voter ID laws, go to the Secretary of State Office’s website,

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