6 transportation updates to know in the Bay Area for November



1)  North Kansas Avenue reconstruction

This road from Clear Creek to Fourth Street was recently repaved to allow for drainage improvements to Fourth Street, which is where water tends to bottleneck during floods. The road from Clear Creek to Fourth Street had a total of 2.5-inches of asphalt installed. The project was expected to finish in February but finished in late August.

Timeline: October 2017-August 2018
Cost: $4 million
Funding source: city of League City


2)  St. Christopher Avenue reconstruction

This project will replace the existing asphalt roadway with a concrete curb-and-gutter roadway and includes drainage improvements so stormwater more easily flows off streets and into Robinson Bayou. The current open ditches will be replaced with underground culverts that will move stormwater across FM 270 at Abilene Street.

Timeline: March-December
Cost: $2.6 million
Funding sources: city of League City

3)  I-45 widening

The Texas Department of Transportation is widening I-45 from six to eight lanes to Galveston. Two project segments stretch through League City and include several intersection improvements. When complete I-45 will pass over FM 646 instead of under.

Timeline: November 2016-21
Cost: $222 million
Funding sources: Texas Department of Transportation ($142 million), federal government ($80 million)


4) Turner Street and Butler Road reconstruction

Turner Street will be rebuilt from the new roundabout on Calder Drive to where it intersects with Butler Road to the west. Butler Road will be reconstructed from that intersection north to where it intersects with League City Parkway. The roads will be widened to three lanes to make room for the addition of a continuous left-turn lane along Turner Street. Another roundabout will be installed at Turner and Butler.

Timeline: construction starts fall 2019
Cost: $4.41 million
Funding sources: city of League City

5) Walker Street improvements

Walker Street between FM 646 and Kesslers Crossing will be improved. The most significant change will be the addition of a traffic signal at the street’s intersection with the driveway of Lowe’s Home Improvement. The intersection of Walker Street and FM 646 will be reconfigured for improved traffic flow.

Timeline: construction starts early 2020
Cost: $6.45 million
Funding sources: city of League City

6) Red Bluff Road bridge replacement

The bridge at Red Bluff Road and Big Island Slough will be reconstructed as part of the Texas Department of Transportation’s program to ensure all bridges are safe.

Timeline: construction begins early 2020
Cost: $3.4 million
Funding sources: TxDOT ($3.1 million), Harris County ($300,000)

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