West University Place City Council met June 13 to discuss the city’s five-year capital improvement program.

Items within the program are nonroutine projects that cost $50,000 or more. Improvements include drainage, facility, parks, street work and water projects.

Financial Director Marie Kalka went over funding sources and timelines of 29 upcoming projects, totaling an estimated $174.3 million between 2023-27. Here is a breakdown of some of the most important items over the next five years.


In 2019 the city began a study into a citywide drainage improvement project, split into two plans divided by Poor Farm Ditch. The east side drainage is expected to begin construction in 2023, and the west side will begin construction in 2024. The projects will be funded through city bonds in the amount of $89.5 million.


West University Place's Facilities Master Plan was announced earlier this year.

In May the city approved design contracts with Pierce Goodwin Alexander & Linville Inc. for a new public works campus, construction on which is expected to begin in 2023. The project is expected to be funded through city bonds in the amount of just under $10 million.

Improvements to the library, community building and senior center are expected to run through 2023-24. The projects, totaling $10,720,000, will have split funding through capital reserves and grants.

Work on the city’s fire station is expected to run from 2024-25 and will be the largest of the facility plans. The $11 million project is expected to be funded through city bonds.

City Hall improvements are expected to take place between 2025-26 at a cost of $5.5 million, funded by city bonds.


Wier Park improvements are planned for 2023. The $440,000 project will be paid for through funding provided by the nonprofit Friends of West University Parks.

In 2024, improvements on the Colonial Park deck, recreation center jogging track and recreation center playground are expected to cost $511,500 and be funded through Friends of West University Parks.


Sidewalk and roadway pavement improvements are expected to last throughout the 2023-27 period and cost just under $6.4 million. Funding for improvements will be split between city bonds and the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County.


The Milton Cast Iron Water Line replacement will begin construction in 2023. Funded through water revenue bonds, the projects will cost an estimated $1.3 million.

Replacement of the Bellaire Elevated Storage Tank will take place between 2023-24. The 86-year-old, 750,000-gallon water tank will be torn down and replaced by one of similar dimensions and capacity. The estimated $4.4 million project will be funded through water revenue bonds.

The Wakeforest Water Plant distribution line replacement will run through 2024-25. Paid for through water revenue bonds, the replacement is expected to cost $3.3 million

A cast iron water line replacement program is in place to follow up on the Milton Cast Iron Water Line replacement project to address the city’s aged water line system. Water revenue bonds will fund the estimated $6.9 million for the period from 2024-27.