A new entertainment option is coming to Houston that seeks to mesmerize and disorient all who enter.

The Museum of Illusions—a concept that has made its way to cities across the U.S., including New York, Chicago and Dallas—will open Sept. 1 within The Galleria mall at 5060 W. Alabama St., Houston, according to an Aug. 17 news release. The 6,000-square-foot, immersive concept will allow guests to explore rooms filled with "mind-bending wonders" as part of an interactive journey.

The museum is being developed by the immersive venue company Beyond Entertainment Group. It will feature more than 60 exhibits, including:
  • The Reversed Room, which provides a 180-degree change of perspective
  • The Tilted Room, where the surface is not quite as level as it initially appears
  • The Vortex Tunnel, a pathway that provides a different perception of reality
Beyond Entertainment also collaborated with Houston-based artist and muralist Donkeeboy, who created two original works of art for the museum meant to capture the themes of imagination and pop culture remixes the artist is known for. One work, "Wonder Frida" is a tribute to Frida Kahlo that will be on display inside the Following Eyes exhibit. A second unnamed and never-before-seen work will be debuted in the Building Illusion, according to the release.

Ticket prices for the museum range from $23 to $30 and can be purchased here.