League City will have a roadway named after Alexander Winfield, a Civil War veteran and one of the first African Americans to settle in League City.

Two-minute impact

On Sept. 25, League City Council members met with Winfield’s descendants before voting unanimously to name the roadway Winfield Parkway.

While it’s not built yet, Winfield Parkway will eventually connect Landing Boulevard and Maple Leaf Drive.

The backstory

Winfield served in the Civil War as part of the Ohio Color Troops before he moved his family to Texas and eventually League City, according to a news release.

In 1902, Winfield purchased 40 acres of land in League City, near where Hobbs Road is currently located, which is named after Winfield’s son-in-law, Obie Hobbs.

Winfield died in 1915, but many of his descendants still live in cities throughout the Bay Area.

Quote of note

“It is so appreciated, and it feels good to be seen, and it feels good to be acknowledged,” Alexander Winfield descendent Deborah Conrad said. “League City is a big city to me right now. We appreciate it so much for correcting something that went as an oversight for over 100 years.”