Lanes of FM 270, or Egret Bay Boulevard, in League City closed beginning Sept. 8, nearly two weeks after the expected date of Aug. 28, due to a water line installation project. The closures will last until early November.

What’s happening?

Two northbound lanes are closed from just south of the Clear Creek Nature Center to Henderson Avenue, just north of the bridge. Traffic has been reconfigured to two northbound lanes, two southbound lanes and a shared turn lane.

The closures are due to crews installing a new 36-inch water line across the road and Clear Creek. The road closures run between NASA Parkway and Main Street.

Sorting out the details

Sidewalks and crosswalks along a portion of Davis Road have been reconfigured to guide pedestrians, especially students from nearby schools, away from the construction. Those walking down the road will have to cross it twice at newly painted crosswalks to avoid construction, according to a video from the city.

Some context

Workers will install 17,730 linear feet of a 36-inch water line to provide an alternative connection from the Hwy. 3 Booster Pump Station to the South Shore Harbor Water Storage and Booster Pump Station.

This line will improve water supply to the city’s east side by providing a third crossing of Clear Creek, city officials said.

The bottom line

The work and lane closures are expected to wrap up around the first week of November.