Drivers commuting east and west through the Hwy. 146 and NASA Parkway intersection will need to find another route through mid-September as construction is expected to close the area starting Sept. 5.

The overview

The intersection will close continuously starting at 6 a.m. Sept. 5 until Sept. 15 while work is done in the area, according to a notice from the city of Seabrook.

The closure is due to the ongoing work for the Hwy 146 expansion project, which officials have described as a point of pain for Seabrook residents since work began more than four years ago.

The goal of the project is to widen Hwy 146, which, in addition to seeing increased traffic over the years as Texas has grown, is used for emergency evacuation.

To help with traffic, the city of Seabrook offered four detour options. According to the notice, they are:
  • Turning left onto Repsdorph Road and taking the first traffic circle exit then continuing through the Repsdorph and Hwy. 146 intersection, making a right onto Todville Road and another right onto Main Street
  • Turning right onto Hwy. 146 northbound frontage road then taking the Repsdorph/East Meyer Avenue U-turn and turning right onto NASA Parkway
  • Turning left onto East Meyer then turning right onto Todville Road and turning right onto Main Street
  • Taking the Repsdorph/East Meyer U-turn then turning right onto NASA Parkway
Construction and lane closures could be affected by weather, according to the notice.


What else?

The inside left lane on the Hwy. 146 southbound frontage road from NASA Road 1 to Bel Road was closed from Aug. 28-31 as well, according to the notice.