Bay Area homeowners can attend a June meeting to address the cost of homeowners insurance.

The gist

The event will take place at Bay Area Community Center, 5002 E. NASA Parkway, Seabrook, on June 27 from 7-8:30 p.m., according to a news release shared by event organizers. Anyone interested in attending the event should contact event organizer John Cobarruvias at [email protected] or call 281-536-2457.

Event organizers said they hope the event will provide an outlet for local homeowners to discuss the challenges they are experiencing in the face of rising homeowners insurance rates.

The background

The event comes ahead of the Texas Senate’s 88th Session Interim, during which one of the interim goals is to address the rising costs of property and casualty insurance.

An interim charge is a directive to study a certain issue during the time between sessions, according to the Texas Legislative Council.

The directive is typically issued by the lieutenant governor to a Senate committee or by the speaker of the house to a House of Representatives committee.

The Senate committee will work to enhance consumer transparency, provide better information for coverage decisions, and make recommendations to ensure a competitive and affordable insurance market for consumers, according to the state's website.

Cobarruvias said he invited officials from the Texas House Insurance Committee, including Rep. Dennis Paul, R-Houston; Rep. Mary Ann Perez, D-Houston; and Rep. Briscoe Cain, R-Deer Park, as well as Sen. Mayes Middleton, R-Galveston, from the Senate Business and Commerce Committee. So far, no state officials have responded to the invitation, Cobarruvias said.

Quote of note

“We have to fix this,” Cobarruvias said. “This is not sustainable. You wouldn't believe how many people I've talked to that have said it's costing them $1,000 a month to insure their homes.”

Looking ahead

Cobarruvias said he hopes the discussions held during the event will inspire Bay Area residents to participate in the upcoming Senate hearings about managing insurance rates by either traveling to Austin or writing staff members.

The Senate Business and Commerce Committee will meet on Aug. 27 to consider the interim charges, including addressing the rising cost of insurance.