Harris County commissioners at their June 25 meeting approved allocating $1.27 million in public safety bond funding for seven projects within the Harris County Sheriff’s and Fire Marshal’s offices.

Funding will go toward projects that include a training facility where first responders can train in flood and swift water rescue operations. With the funding, Harris County can train up to 1,600 personnel a year from all departments compared to sending 100 students per year to train in Central Texas, according to original capital project documents.

The seven projects’ estimated costs, according to county agenda documents, are:

  • Active shooter training facility: $110,000
  • Vehicle crimes processing facility: $70,000
  • Swift water rescue operations training facility: $100,000 for a total of $445,000
  • Academy firearms complex: $30,000
  • Training academy expansion project: $280,000
  • Precision driving course training facility: $130,000
  • Harris County Engineer’s Office for public safety bond project management and administration: $200,000

How we got here

During the November 2022 elections, 55.52% of Harris County voters approved funding $100 million for the Proposition A bond referendum, which went toward public safety facilities.