League City City Council will take its first look and vote at its June 25 meeting on a new ordinance that would create requirements for battery energy storage systems, or BESSs, to set up shop in the city, according to agenda documents.

Council will also consider increasing the homestead exemption for seniors and residents with disabilities from $75,000 to $100,000, the agenda shows.

The full story

The vote on the BESS ordinance will be the first of two needed to approve the ordinance, officials said at a June 11 workshop. If approved on June 25, officials expect it to go up for its second vote at City Council’s July 9 meeting.

The BESS ordinance was first proposed publicly at the June 11 workshop following several BESS facilities submitting applications to open up in town.

It received a 5-0 recommendation in favor at a June 17 planning and zoning commission meeting, according to agenda documents.

Prior to the vote, there will be a public hearing on the ordinance, documents show.

A BESS stores energy from the state grid and sells it back during peak demand hours, according to city documents. Those in favor say it can help stabilize the grid and provide power when needed, while those opposed worry about how safe they are and their proximity to residents, Community Impact has previously reported.

Also on the agenda

Citing the “best interest” of League City’s residents, City Council will vote on whether to raise the city’s homestead exemption for seniors and residents with disabilities, according to agenda documents.

An item that is also expected to receive a second vote is the rezoning of roughly 55 acres of land from commercial mixed use to residential single family along West Old NASA Road and West NASA Boulevard, documents show.

Originally, the item went up for a vote April 9 but failed in a 4-4 tie, Community Impact previously reported. It went back up for a vote again on June 11 and passed 6-2. If City Council votes again in favor June 25, it will go into effect.

Stay tuned

City Council will meet at 6 p.m. June 25 at the Council Chambers, 200 W. Walker St., League City.