The city of Kemah will now follow an official hurricane emergency response plan after City Council adopted the new guidelines at its June 5 meeting.

What happened

On June 5, City Council voted to adopt a 159-page hurricane emergency response plan, which will serve as a guide for protocol during major storm events.

The plan was submitted by Chief Holland Jones of the Kemah Police Department.

“I just want to thank the chief and his staff for the incredible work they put in on this,” City Administrator Aaron Smith said. “It was just a very well-run exercise.”

Diving deeper

The plan outlines how Kemah will act to protect its citizens and their property during a storm event. It also lays out how the city will partner with state and federal actors in that mission.

The plan focuses on five categories of emergency management, including mitigation, preparedness, prevention, response and recovery, according to city documents.

Strategies for accomplishing these plans include:
  • Removing potential hazards before the storm event
  • Assessing available personnel and tools to respond to the storm event
  • Conduct training exercises
  • Providing for the mental and health care of citizens
  • Restoring utilities and remove debris post-storm
  • Conducting public education to enhance citizen self-sufficiency
The plan also includes protocols for responding to other natural disasters, such as fire, severe thunderstorms and flooding.

What else?

Community Impact previously reported the widening of Hwy. 146, which passes through Kemah, aimed to reduce congestion and make the road more viable as an emergency escape route during hurricanes.