The League City Police Department is expanding its use of Flock cameras, which officials say will help solve and prevent crimes in the community.

The full story

League City has recently added 29 Flock cameras along roadways and in half a dozen parks, and intends to install another 20 cameras by the end of the year, according to a May 20 news release.

The city began installing 42 Flock cameras along roadways in 2023. Each camera costs roughly $3,000, and they are funded through the city's general fund, Community Impact previously reported.

The cameras have led to dozens of arrests for stolen vehicles and property, handguns, narcotics, and other criminal activity, according to a news release from the city.

Flock cameras are manufactured by Flock Safety, and they take pictures of vehicle license plates and immediately notify the department when a stolen vehicle or plate is detected.

“So far, we have seen success with the second round of cameras,” LCPD Captain Harold Lee said in the release. “Since the start of the year, we have recovered 11 stolen vehicles; we’ve made nine arrests for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle; we have recovered a couple of stolen handguns and made many other arrests related to narcotics.”

What else?

The police department has partnered with several homeowners associations to bring the cameras to their neighborhoods, according to the release.

“Many HOAs have come forward and expressed interest in the program,” Lee said. “So far we have installed cameras at Marbella, Bay Colony West, Brittany Lakes [and] Magnolia Creek, and many others are interested in purchasing the cameras."

One more thing

HOA representatives interested in having Flock cameras installed in their neighborhoods can contact [email protected].