Following noise complaints from residents about loud and excessive barking coming from League City’s Animal Care and Adoption Center, city officials will consider installing a sound wall to reduce the noise.

The gist

On Feb. 26, League City City Council will consider awarding a construction contract to build 10- and 12-foot concrete walls, and install 6-foot sound absorption blankets along the sides and back of the 13,000-square-foot shelter to reduce the noise, according to agenda documents.

Built in 2019, the shelter sits between two residential communities and has been the subject of many noise complaints, especially when the dogs are walked outside of the playgrounds throughout the day, according to agenda documents.

How we got here

In 2022, League City commissioned a noise study to assess the problem and determined the noise levels in the area increased significantly when the dogs were barking.

Because solid sound barriers are limited in their ability to mitigate noise, the study recommended installing 6-foot-high outdoor sound absorption blankets to replace the black tarps on the shelter’s fences, according to agenda documents.

The study states the walls and sound blankets would have a combined effect to reduce the barking noise by 46%-50%, according to agenda documents.

Officials arrived at this number based on how sound is measured on a logarithmic scale, documents show.

One more thing

League City City Council intends not to exceed a budget of $311,955 if it votes to award the project.