Michelle Davis, a newcomer to public office, unseated incumbent Win Weber on Nov. 3 in the race for Clear Creek ISD’s District 2 seat on the board of trustees.

Davis said Nov. 4 she is spending the day in quiet prayer, preparing to do the learning and growing necessary for a successful tenure on the board of trustees.

“I've got a lot to learn, and I just look forward to learning everything that I need to learn and being effective,” she said. “I am just so thrilled to have won. I cannot thank my supporters and voters enough for putting me in this position.”

Although school board elections are considered nonpartisan, Davis’s campaign signs and website displayed a message about her being the conservative choice. After past experiences in electioneering, Davis said she felt inclined to communicate to voters that she is a fiscal conservative knowing that they are interested in this context as they cast their ballots.

“I see firsthand that many voters out there, they want to know that information,” she said. “We’ve got such a fracture in our society between the two different sides, and I just was identifying myself as to the belief that I have.”

Davis is a fiscal conservative in the sense she would not support unnecessary expansions in the context of public education and CCISD, she added. She formerly worked as a textbook clerk at both Clear Brook and Clear Creek high schools.

Weber served on the board from 2008-17 and was asked by the board to return and fill Chris Reed’s unexpired term after his death. She was endorsed by former Superintendent Sandra Mossman in mid-October, according to her campaign Facebook page. Weber’s platform largely revolved around adhering to CCISD’s strategic plan and using the plan to ensure equitable success across the district.