A freshman at Clear Lake High School designed a patch for NASA that will be used in space campaigns.

What you need to know

Baylee Barnwell’s patch design was chosen to represent the next four Human Exploration Research Analog missions, officials at Clear Creek ISD said.

In addition to her patch being worn in future missions, Barnwell also was given an in-person tour of the HERA Facility at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

To win the contest, Barnwell competed through her art class with 50 other students across the country, according to a Dec. 15 news release from the district. As the winner, her patch will be worn by crews and support staff.

In their own words

Barnwell told Community Impact in December she created the patch “for the fun of it” and never expected to win. With her dad having worked for NASA, she said she’s always looked up to the agency.

Her art teacher, Peter Storms, told Community Impact the patch was originally going to be part of one mission, but the agency liked it so much they made it the patch for the next four missions.

“I think Baylee really knocked it out of the park with this one,” Storms said. “She did a fantastic job. It’s one of those things that you go through as an art teacher. You go in and set up your students for success. You give them all the opportunities you can. If they go through and run with it, and win awards like Baylee has, it makes everything worthwhile.”

Barnwell said she tried to incorporate a lot of the history of the agency, from both past and future missions and the flag’s colors. She also included an “X” chromosome to represent women going to space.

“I never expected to win the competition in the first place,” she said. “I didn’t understand what was happening at first. Someone had to explain it to me.”

Stay tuned

The HERA Campaign 7 mission is set to begin Jan. 26. Barnwell’s patch is currently displayed on the door of the habitat and will remain there through December 2024, according to the news release.