In light of an increased demand for cybersecurity professionals, San Jacinto College will begin offering a new degree focused on this industry in fall 2024, according to a Nov. 16 news release from the college system.

A closer look

According to the release, 40 students are anticipated to enroll in classes for SJC’s new bachelor’s degree—which will be an information technology degree with an emphasis in cybersecurity—in fall 2024. One motivation for launching the degree program is a projection from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the cybersecurity industry will see 35% employment growth in the next decade.

“We know that industries across the board have seen a dramatic increase in cyber attacks, and our industry partners have asked us to design this program with hands-on experiences that address situations that students will encounter in the field,” San Jacinto College Chancellor Brenda Hellyer said in a statement. “This new bachelor’s degree is imperative to address the escalating demand for highly trained and professional individuals who possess the skills employers need to respond to and combat these digital threats.”

What’s next

SJC’s board of trustees has already approved the new degree, but college system leaders must also take action to finalize the new program, including: